Mrs. Ten Seven

Lafaya Mitchell

I have been playing poker for about 14 years. I started out playing a $4/8 game at a local gambling hole and learned quickly that I preferred tournament style play to cash game.

I am extremely competitive and had to learn more about the strategy of the game to continue to play. A good friend initially introduced me to a few poker strategy books.

When I became more serious about competing at higher levels and stakes, I signed up for a couple of Learn WPT Live Classes to step up my game. Afterwards, I began playing the mid-major tournament circuit at a vastly improved skill level.


Lafaya Way Poker - Mrs. Ten Seven

But it wasn’t until I recognized the importance of the psychology behind the game, that the pieces started to really fall into place for me. I took advantage of an opportunity to have a private session with Learn WPT’s Mental Strategist Jared Tendeler.  I realized in this session that “The Lafaya Way” philosophy I had developed for my therapy clients was also 100% applicable to poker psychology. That insight sparked a huge breakthrough and I started to really kick butt at the poker table.

My husband and I now love to travel and play the WPT and WSOP poker circuits offered across the United States.

I authentically love my day job and have worked very successfully with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and other moderate to severe social/emotional disorders for over 20 years. I have moved into trainer/author/speaker mode so that I can go from the 1 to many approach with teaching my advanced relational philosophy, “The Lafaya Way.”

I truly did meet both loves of my life through poker and poker continues to be a huge highlight in our most fantastic life!

The Lafaya Way Used to Prevent Poker Player’ Tilt!

“… The one thing that I NEVER thought to apply The Lafaya Way to is the game of poker. As a matter of fact, I was one of the MOST BRATTY (bitchy if I’m honest) people you could meet at the poker table …”

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