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Lafaya Mitchell, LMFT (MFT 47221) has over twenty years experience providing culturally sensitive care to “difficult to treat populations.” “The Lafaya Way” is an advanced relational approach building bridges for effective interactions in difficult interpersonal relationships and social situations.

The Lafaya Way promotes healing in conjunction with every human’s authentic desire to connect with one another in a healthy way, by living their “Honest Truth.”

Specializations Include: Hypersensitive Individuals (Autism Spectrum, ADHD, other moderate to severe social, emotional, and behavioral issues), Intergenerational Trauma, School Relations (i.e. bullying, student-teacher, etc.), Faith-based Relations, Professional/Work-Place Relations, Community Relations and Cops.

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“She is literally an angel who can really see your soul and figure out exactly what your problems are.

We absolutely love her. She’s one of a kind.”

R. Bresman

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Lafaya's Books

The Lafaya Way Series - a parental guide providing strategies and techniques to deal with the tough situations with the difficult to manage child, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Reactive Detachment Disorder, Mood/Anxiety Disorders and Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children.

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