The Lafaya Way

Pathway to Peace of Mind:

Smoothing the Rollercoaster of Life

“I am a single mother and before meeting Lafaya, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and had no hope that there was help for my daughter. My daughter was verbally abusive and would have raging fits, often acting out violently,. She was fired by every therapist and program I sent her to because she was so out of control.

At the time my daughter first met Lafaya, she was in the 6th grade on the verge of being expelled from school; she was signed up for a program that virtually had someone following her around the school to prevent her from potentially harming other children.

Lafaya’s methods completely changed our lives. She attended and assisted during IOP meetings, educated teachers and ABA program aides on how to properly deal with my daughter, provided family support home visits, and most importantly taught me the skills necessary to gain better results with my troubled daughter.

We now have peace and a sense of normalcy in our home and my daughter is even excelling in school.

None of this would have been possible without Lafaya’s innovative techniques and above and beyond commitment to our family’s well-being.”


Are you living or working with “difficult” children, teens, and/or adults?

Does it seem like you’re always dealing with constant friction, meltdowns, and/or resistance?

Have you tried a million things and feel like nothing really works to improve your situation?

Well, let me introduce you to “The Lafaya Way”

Parents, Couples, Teachers, and Employers alike proclaim that “The Lafaya Way” is the “magic wand” they have needed to bring a sense of peace, connection, and collaboration in their homes, relationships, and on-the-job.

The Lafaya Way teaches you 4 actionable steps that start getting you results almost immediately. My hands-on, practical, techniques, based on “real life” experiences are making a huge difference in the lives of those that apply them.


“She is literally an angel who can really see your soul and figure out exactly what your problems are.

We absolutely love her. She’s one of a kind.”

R. Bresman

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Let “The Lafaya Way” change your life today!

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The Lafaya Way Series - a parental guide providing strategies and techniques to deal with the tough situations arising from symptoms related to ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Reactive Detachment, Mood/Anxiety Issues and Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children.

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