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The Lafaya Way

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 Relating to Hypersensitive Individuals

The Lafaya Way seeks to enhance how people relate to hypersensitive individuals within homes, schools, social service agencies, medical facilities, law enforcement departments, sex trafficking prevention organizations and faith-based communities


Anxiety and depression after Covid – the amplification of mental health symptoms as a result of covid mandated isolation and continued uncertainty

Black Lives Matter

Eliminating racial injustice inherent in an outdated system based on division and misunderstanding rather than unity, connection and collaboration

Improving cops and community relations, healing inter-generational trauma,
“The Lafaya Way”

A Fresh Perspective on Autism & ADHD

Breakthough relationship focused treatment for Autism and ADHD


Promoting peaceful coexistence by eradicating marginalization and exclusion from meaningful participation in society

Improving relationships and communication by shifting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors while eliminating feelings of anger and confusion as a supportive ally

Putting the “UNITY” Back Into CommUNITY

Addressing issues concerning quality education and healthcare access, LGBTQ, immigration, criminal justice reform, racial injustice and all human rights

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Hi, I'm Lafaya

Lafaya Mitchell, LMFT @lafaya_way is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who serves kids who are wired differently, their families, and those in the community who have the most access to and interaction with children/teens/adults experiencing social challenges.

She is determined to help families create pathways to peace in their homes through better access to the “Real Truth” in each person’s desire to connect, be heard, and be true to their innate desire to get along with others (especially loved ones).

She created PARENTS EMPOWERING PARENTS (PEP), an online course based on the first 3 books of her parenting book series, “The Lafaya Way” for parents which gives parents immediately tangible ways to: Reduce meltdown behavior, promote a sense of togetherness and team collaboration in the home, and how to teach others what they need to know about their children to encourage improved emotional responses and behaviors.

She loves to play professional-level poker tournaments, create content that helps families and communities heal, and love on her 3 biological kids (ages 17+) and the 3 kiddos she was blessed to be able to foster (all under age 5 yrs). She’s a Sci-Fi and “all things superhero geek” and loves to teach others how to turn perceived challenges into superpowers, the same as she has in her own life!

Past Interviews

Being a Guest on the “Stay Calm, Mom!” Podcast

Being a Guest on the “Stay Calm, Mom!” Podcast

Here is how host Jessica Ashley introduced the episode: "Today we discuss how can we parent hypersensitivity challenged children to make break throughs in behavior with Lafaya Mitchell. Lafaya LMFT has over 20 years of experience offering effective strategies to and...

Being Interviewed by Jill C Brown from Advance Life Coaching

Being Interviewed by Jill C Brown from Advance Life Coaching

Jill C Brown from Advance Life Coaching invited me to be a guest in her group. This is how she introduced the interview: "This is an honest and interesting conversation with Lafaya, we learned about the Lafaya way. The Lafaya Way decreases and eliminates the constant...

Being a Guest on the Passion Business Podcast

Being a Guest on the Passion Business Podcast

Talking to Anke Herrmann for the Passion Business Podcast. In a lively conversation we talk about how The Lafaya Way came to be, and how it can help you create loving relationships, not just with the hypersensitive individuals in your life.Listen to the Episode:Prefer...

Snoop Dogg Playing Football With Special Needs Children

Snoop Dogg Playing Football With Special Needs Children

Snoop Dogg & Lafaya Giving Back to The Community Every year for 20 years Snoop Dogg has been offering a fully inclusive day camp to give special needs children an opportunity to play sports and Lafaya joins the fun.


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