Living and Parenting with ADHD



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Part 1


Roundtable – part 1: Lafaya Mitchell in conversation with Meredith Carder, Katelyn Mabry, and Jami Fregeau

In our roundtable discussion on Living and Parenting with ADHD, we delve into how our concepts and approaches have evolved over time. We underscore the importance of understanding and embracing both the struggles and strengths that come with ADHD.

We also highlight the significance of open communication, reparenting oneself, and promoting unconditional confidence in children. Insights on rejection sensitivity and the importance of praising efforts rather than just outcomes are shared.

Overall, our discussion focuses on empowering individuals with ADHD and fostering a positive parenting experience.

Part 2


Roundtable – part 2: Lafaya Mitchell in conversation with Nicole Santiago, Shawna Hughes, and Dr. Nerissa Bauer

In our roundtable discussion on living and parenting with ADHD, we reunited with three insightful ladies who shared their experiences and wisdom.

We explored how our approaches have evolved over time, particularly in relation to managing screen time, implementing structured routines, and maintaining firm boundaries based on values.

We also discussed the importance of understanding the purpose behind our actions as parents.

In addition, we delved into the challenges of assessing nutrition in children with ADHD due to the complexity of factors involved and the need for tailored recommendations. We emphasized the importance of open communication between parents and doctors, and the value of a holistic and collaborative team approach to treatment.

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The experts share their ONE top tip to make living and parenting with ADHD easier



In this discussion, the three experts discuss how tools and strategies are important but may require adjustments and individualization. Keep hope alive and be open to trying new approaches to make positive changes in managing ADHD..

1. Jami: The importance of community and not feeling alone after receiving a diagnosis. There are resources available and people who understand what you’re going through.

2. Meredith: Use curiosity to deep dive into learning about your symptoms and coping mechanisms. Be open to different approaches and possibilities for improvement.

3. Katelyn: Be curious before becoming furious. Embrace curiosity as a way to understand and navigate struggles related to ADHD.

4. Lafaya: Separate your identity from the challenges of ADHD. Get to know ADHD like a friend, understanding its strengths and struggle

In this discussion, the three experts share their top advice for individuals newly diagnosed with ADHD or those struggling with the condition.

  1. Shana emphasizes that there is always something one can do to manage ADHD. She suggests starting with small steps and making changes where it’s easiest, such as tweaking dietary habits or adding supplements.
  2. Nicole stresses the importance of education. If something isn’t working at school, she advises talking to a doctor and learning about ADHD.  She believes understanding the condition is crucial for effective advocacy.
  3. Nerissa encourages calling in reinforcements when trying to make big changes and reminds listeners that it’s okay to backslide. She advocates taking baby steps, celebrating wins, and simply trying again if things don’t work out.

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Shawna Hughes - nutrition and ADHD
Jami Fregeau - The Effects of ADHD on Communication
Dr. Nerissa Bauer - Working with your child's pediatrician to advocate for an ADHD Care Plan
Katelyn Mabry - The Foundational Growth ADHD Mindset
Meredith Carder - How understanding your and your child's ADHD strengths can positively impact your experience of ADHD
Nicole Santiago - ADHD Parenting: The Practice of Slowing Down

Introducing Your Host

Hi, I'm Lafaya

Lafaya Mitchell, LMFT @lafaya_way is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who serves kids who are wired differently, their families, and those in the community who have the most access to and interaction with children/teens/adults experiencing social challenges.

She is determined to help families create pathways to peace in their homes through better access to the “Real Truth” in each person’s desire to connect, be heard, and be true to their innate desire to get along with others (especially loved ones).

She created PARENTS EMPOWERING PARENTS (PEP), an online course based on the first 3 books of her parenting book series, “The Lafaya Way” for parents which gives parents immediately tangible ways to: Reduce meltdown behavior, promote a sense of togetherness and team collaboration in the home, and how to teach others what they need to know about their children to encourage improved emotional responses and behaviors.

She loves to play professional-level poker tournaments, create content that helps families and communities heal, and love on her 3 biological kids (ages 17+) and the 3 kiddos she was blessed to be able to foster (all under age 5 yrs). She’s a Sci-Fi and “all things superhero geek” and loves to teach others how to turn perceived challenges into superpowers, the same as she has in her own life!

Last Year’s Summit Interviews

3 Key Nutrition Tips For ADHD Management

with Shawna Hughes

The Full Interview

About Shawna

She helps parents of ADHD’ers save time by showing them how to nourish their children’s brains to help them reach their full potential, with no lifestyle overhaul. With a background in both Psychology and Nutrition, she provides personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching to help manage ADHD at home (in addition to or without medication).

Shawna’s FREE Gift

Download your ADHD Supplement Guide and Meal Plan

This is a supplement guide, sample 3-day meal plan and signing up gets you on the list for free quarterly masterclasses to help manage ADHD at home.

The Effects of ADHD on Communication

with Jami Fregeau

The Full Interview

About Jami

Jami Fregeau is a Registered Nurse who creates educational and supportive content for neurodivergent individuals through her podcast, The Neurodivergent Nurse and Instagram account.

Jami knows personally the difficulties of living and thriving with ADHD. Her diagnosis came in December 2020 at the age of 36. She spent most of her life struggling with social anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and self doubt unknowing much of it was due to being neurodivergent with undiagnosed ADHD. This became a catalyst in creating a safe and welcoming community for individuals to ask questions and find likeness in shared experiences.

Jami is nationally certified as a Critical Care Registered Nurse and been awarded North Carolina’s Great 100 Nurses. She facilitates diversity education through her local hospital educating Physicians, Nurses, and other staff the importance of recognizing inherent biases and inclusion in professional and day-to-day practices.

Connect with Jami

Working with your child’s pediatrician to advocate

for an ADHD Care Plan

with Dr. Nerissa Bauer

The Full Interview

About Dr. Nerissa

Dr. Nerissa Bauer is a behavioral pediatrician and entrepreneur in Carmel, Indiana.

She left academia in December 2018 after burnout. She has a part-time behavioral health practice.

She created TEACH ME ADHD, an online course for families, is co-host of ADHD Real Talk podcast with Lafaya Mitchell and podcaster of TEACH to Go podcast for her VIP members. She is CEO of Let’s Talk Kids Health, LLC. She is also a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. She had a late diagnosis of ADHD in her 40s.

She believes children should have opportunities to learn how to live with ADHD in a child-friendly way so they have life skills to advocate for themselves and embrace their ADHD superpower. She is on a mission to help kids and parents thrive with ADHD,

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The Foundational Growth ADHD Mindset

with Katelyn Mabry

The Full Interview

About Katelyn

Katelyn Mabry is a licensed special educator, reading specialist and ADHD coach.

She is the author of the children’s book, “Hi, It’s Me! I have ADHD” and hosts a podcast for kids called “Journey With Me Through ADHD. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and 4 kiddos, 2 of which are also diagnosed with ADHD just like she was when she was 10 years old.

She is very passionate about advocating and coaching those impacted by ADHD to better understand, empathize, connect and collaboratively problem solve all of the layers of ADHD. She follows a strength-based, growth mindset approach that leads with the gifts beneath the surface of ADHD.

Her goal is for kids and families to feel seen, heard, better understood, and supported one step at a time.

Connect with Katelyn

Instagram: @journey_with_me_through_adhd

FB: Hi, it’s me! I have ADHD-katelyn mabry

How understanding your and your child’s ADHD strengths can positively impact your experience of ADHD

with Meredith Carder

The Full Interview

About Meredith

Meredith Carder is an ADDCA trained ADHD coach specializing in group coaching.

As a true multi-passionate adult with ADHD, Meredith has gained varied experience over the last 20 years working in employee training and development as well as tackling several small businesses. In 2019 Meredith decided to pursue ADHD coaching after seeing the positive change it facilitated in both her life and in her daughters.

Meredith prides herself in her ability to hold a supportive space for her clients and facilitate lasting connections. In her spare time Meredith loves to run, hike and spend time oudoors with her three children.

Connect with Meredith

ADHD Parenting: The Practice of Slowing Down

with Nicole Santiago

The Full Interview

About Nicole

Nicole Santiago was an educator for 12 years before she became a professional advocate and executive function coach for children who learn differently. She is skilled at building motivation and using innovative strategies to engage ADHD children, Autistic children, and those with learning disabilities.

As a non-attorney advocate, she connects and builds or repairs relationships between IEP teams and families. It’s not the school team against the family team, but rather the family and school working together to serve the student. Mrs. Santiago is a proud member of COPAA (the Coalition of Parent Attorneys and Advocates and her business mission is to ensure differently wired children thrive.

Nicole’s ADHD Parenting Guide

Get your Kindle copy of Nicole’s insightful book Give Grace and Reject Shame: An ADHD Parenting Guide


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