Play the Hand You’re Dealt

An entertaining, educational and inspiring show empowering you to make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt.

Join Lafaya and her crew as they bring the fun back into the game of poker and the game of life. 

A sneak preview ..

I met both loves of my life through poker ..

Lafaya (Fay) and James met playing poker at a little hole-in-the-wall cardroom over a decade ago. Find out why their story made finalist in the World Poker Tour’s “Why I Love Poker” competition!

Our wedding in real life ..

The story of Fay and James truly is a Poker Fairy-Tale. We met during difficult transitions in both our lives and found a diamond (great love) in the ashes.

Understanding each other to be soul mates, we married on 7/10 because Ten Seven is James’ (Mr. TenSeven) favorite hand.

We couldn’t make 10/7 work for our wedding venue, so we reversed the date to 7/10 (just like poker player, played the hand we were dealt!)


Therapist by day, poker player by night

I am an LMFT/Author/Trainer/Speaker. I wear my therapist hat by day and my crazy poker socks at night.

I love poker because it’s the best game on the planet. It’s the most inclusive sport you can find. No matter your age, sex, culture, physical abilities, personality type etc. you can excel at this game. Find out more

The Crew

Meet Our Players

Mr. Ten Seven
Mr. Ten Seven

James Mitchell

I love poker because it is one of the major things that keep me and my wife close. We love to compete together and enjoy travelling and playing both WPT and WSOP circuit events. Find out more


Robert Logan

I love poker because my family loves poker and I love them! Find out more


Lupe Soto

I love poker because it welcomes everyone to the table. Any age group, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disabilities…. And the list keeps going! Find out more

Pot Hustla
Pot Hustla

Charisse Case

I love poker simply because of the challenge, the risk, and pushing myself to excel toward my personal and professional goals on the felt. Find out more


Carisa Rios

I’m a very competitive person, and poker is the ultimate competition. It involves using your rational mind and psychology – you can win this games with any hand you’re dealt. Find out more

The Dealer
The Dealer

Chris Linger

Special Guest
Special Guest


If you’d like to be our special guest, or know someone who would be a great guest, Let Us Know!

Whether you’re poker curious, just getting started, a recreational player or a pro,

this show is for you!


We want to hear from YOU – what topics do you want us to discuss? Send us your ideas and we may highlight you on the show.

What’s the Deal?

Interview with Lafaya and special guest

Lafaya will do a 1:1 interview with a special guest exploring a hot topic in poker, for example women in poker, gambling vs. sport, the mental game, T.I.L.T. prevention, neurodiversity in poker and many more.

The special guest gets a seat at the Poker Roundtable after our discussion.

the poker roundtable

Here we’ll highlight the social aspect of poker. Join Lafaya and her crew at the Poker Roundtable as we discuss the hot topic of the day while we’re competing to take top prize in a fun and lively poker game.

fay vs james

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Ten Seven as they compete in an ongoing heads up match answering the burning question people always ask: “Who is the better player?”

Lafaya and James on the “7 Days to Vegas” Red Carpet

Lafaya and James (Mrs. and Mr. Ten Seven) enjoying the “7 Days to Vegas” V.I.P. Red Carpet experience package won through an on-line poker tournament for ClubWPT VIP members.

Final Table at the 2018 WPT LA Poker Classic

Lafaya and James look on live as they dream of their own impending televised shared final table experience. Watch out for us!

With Phil Helmuth

Got to hang out with one of my absolute FAVORITE poker players of all time, Phil Helmuth.

Conversation starter, “Hey Phil I’m a Brat too!”

With Vince Van Patten

Lafaya getting serious about competing in tournament poker and gathering quick tidbits from Vince Van Patten during his visit with us students at the Learn WPT live, “Learn How to Play Like a Pro” class held at Commerce Casino in February 2018.

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