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“Let’s Get Social!”


A Social Enhancement Program

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The Lafaya Way

Let’s Get Social!

A Social Enhancement Program

Let’s Get Social!, is a social enhancement program for your children, who already have social skills and are still experiencing some deficits in various social skill areas.

Social skills are the foundation for having healthy relationships in life. Deficits in social behavior interfere with learning, communicating, making friends, careers and overall happiness. Social competence is linked to peer acceptance and better life outcomes.

How it works


The children will be divided into groups based on grade: Grades 4-6; 7-8; 9-12 , and young adult 18-25 (child maturity level will be taken into consideration)

This fun and interactive group program is for kids struggling with the understanding of social nuances, social anxiety, communicating their needs effectively and are acting out in socially inappropriate ways.

In general, most people “pick up” social skills naturally and over time. For people with social cognitive deficits, it needs to be advanced in a succinct style supported by evidence-based interventions such as:

Play Facilitation; Jed Baker strategies; Social Thinking; ILAUGH model…

These proven techniques in conjunction with the relational approach from The Lafaya Way, are pure GOLD! 

The Lafaya Way - Let's Get Social!

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Lafaya Mitchell - The Lafaya Way


Lafaya Mitchell, LMFT (MFT 47221) has over 20 years of experience with difficult to treat populations; specializations include: Autism/Aspergers, Intergenerational Trauma, and other moderate to severe social, emotional, and/or behavioral issues.

After prompts by numerous parents and colleagues she has captured in words the philosophy and methodology that has assisted her in offering hope and positive change to the lives of families with hypersensitive children who have failed in treatment often for years before being introduced to "The Lafaya Way" of responding.






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