Being a Guest on the “Stay Calm, Mom!” Podcast

Here is how host Jessica Ashley introduced the episode: "Today we discuss how can we parent hypersensitivity challenged children to make break throughs in behavior with Lafaya Mitchell. Lafaya LMFT has over 20 years of experience offering effective strategies to and...

Q&A The Lafaya Way – With my Intern Tinky

Q&A session between me and my intern Tinki following her reading my book, "The Lafaya Way: A Fresh Perspective on Parenting Hypersensitive Children" Q&A The Lafaya Way - Fridays 6pm PT - register to join live -

Being Interviewed by Jill C Brown from Advance Life Coaching

Jill C Brown from Advance Life Coaching invited me to be a guest in her group. This is how she introduced the interview: "This is an honest and interesting conversation with Lafaya, we learned about the Lafaya way. The Lafaya Way decreases and eliminates the constant...

Why NOT to Ask “Why?”

Being a Guest on the Passion Business Podcast

Talking to Anke Herrmann for the Passion Business Podcast. In a lively conversation we talk about how The Lafaya Way came to be, and how it can help you create loving relationships, not just with the hypersensitive individuals in your life.Listen to the Episode:Prefer...
One major reason for the frustration in parents towards their difficult to manage child is that parents tend to see the child’s capacity to have “right” reactions and feel like the child just refuses to behave “right”. Think of the situation of the difficult-to-reach, hypersensitive child like you would a break in land or ability to access a location. Men figured out long ago that if you want to get from one place to another and connectivity or the space in between prevented access one could just build a bridge to gain access to the desired destination. The situation is very similar w/the difficult to manage child. Building bridges through a shift in the way one thinks about, responds to, and teaches their difficult child can help the child access the ability to behave in more functional ways. The bridge can also pave the way to better relationships between parents and their hypersensitive children. The Lafaya Way lays the sturdy foundation necessary to begin the work on building bridges to positive social functionality. In my book series “Raising Asp-holes” I offer a fresh and new perspective on how to produce better results with the difficult to manage child. Book #1 of the “Raising Asp-holes” series “The Lafaya Way” can be found on the Peace of Mind Therapeutic Solutions website: